the sleeping beauty of windows

Posted: October 29, 2010 in don't fight it
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Who could sleep?  Well I was certainly game for it.  Images of a cocoon like disappearance massaged my temporal lobes with a wanton desire of a sailor in port for a night of depravity.  It was virtually impossible to resist the desire to crawl between the sheets and drift into the splendor of warm yellow sands that beckoned me to dissolve.  Who was I to deny that call?

I was the captured … totally and abysmally UNraptured… I had been taken by the WINDOWS again.

As I said in the previous post I’m aiming to prep my computer before departure to Italy. I have two pro soccer players guiding my addled grey matter through the miasma of techno-speak.  (Footballers what the hell do they know… bucket loads more than me.) Because I herald from an abacus driven generation  (yes there were high tech tools before the handy Casio calculator even if you did tip it and all the little beads got screwed up!), I’ve decided there are several characters similar to those in Snow white and the seven dwarfs (my time) as opposed to Xena – vixen crusher from hell (young footballer era) that need clarifying.

Sneezy – it sounds like HTML (ahahahtmlchew) my understanding is; High Tech Microscopic Lingo –(I know, I know a positive attitude).

Grumpy – has to be URL which is either a mountain range in Eastern Europe or Danish for Alcohol

Bashful – that has to be Facebook. You want people to see what? Me doing that?  Are you off your head? I don’t wan tto see me doing that!  Why did I do that anyway?

Doc- well he was obviously with it because he had something to do with ‘ports’ and my sons are always looking to leave there Ipod ‘thingies’ with him… where did the transistor radio with static and the cheap plastic strap go?  Did it follow my Peter Frampton on 8 track?

Happy – wouldn’t I be, if I could absorb all the commands by mixing all this lingo with Bombay Sapphire and a twist of lemon.  My cousin makes the best G&Ts on the planet.

Dopey – Oh yeah they are thinking it! It has to be IT… IdioT.  Blessed are they born into the computer world but they still all want a pimped up Nova or Beetle!!  Retro rules.

Sleepy – back where I started from.  Put the computer to sleep!  Oh yes! With frustration levels loading and my patience about to drag and drop I am searching for a place to offer a poisoned APPLE and put the beasty out of my misery and close my drooping windows to get some sleep.

Tomorrow this window or ‘looking glass’ will see a miraculous new mad hatter – I hope.



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