Germany- everyone’s a Schummacher

Posted: October 30, 2010 in don't fight it
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The open road.  Well that’s what we think anyway.  It is open depending on the country.  German drivers – you have to love them.  Firstly you must respect their road system.  The Teutonic hordes really had their act together when it came to road construction.  You could play snooker on the German autobahn, in the Czech republic it would be golf (nowhere near the fairway.

Driving an old Karmann Ghia (looks like a baby Porche or squashed beetle) necessitates two things, a smooth spine-sensitive road surface and looking at the rear of numerous passing cars.  It’s a style thing not a speed thing.  It also requires a close eye on the other glasses within the car.  Not the wine glasses in the picnic basket sitting next to a moderately priced Merlot, it’s the side and rear view mirrors.  You see the other joy of German drivers is their approach – literally – behind you.  They will start flashing their lights, day or night, within a kilometer.  Lots of time you think as a you see their excited, adolescent pulsings in the mirror.  Then bang, they are on you raging like a bad Indian curry at upwards of 200km/hr.

You’d think they had their lederhosen thongs in a twist.  With a total disregard for stately style they are thrashing to push their throbbing units into the nethersphere.

You pull to the second inner lane of the five lanes.  The outside lane seems too have no speed limit whatsoever and I’ll be damned if I am going all the way across to be humiliated into purring behind some rustic motorhome from ‘Sanford and Son Salvagers’.

As they growl past you with a glimpse of condescending fatalism etched on their lips you know that you will see them again.  Fortunately they will race only to the next motorway rest stop.  If you think the roads are great, the delis and restaurants gracing most German and Dutch thoroughfares could easily shame the altars of the Greek Gods.  (The rest of Europe, particularily the roadstops of the French and Czech are pathetic.)   Gorgeous, fresh and replete with delicacies it is the ideal place to cruise up and park a classic car.

Everyone glances up from their beers (In denmark and Germany people often stop for a roadside beer en route – go figure) and bountiful plates to see style roll by and sneer at the speed demons.

Such is the pace of these two retro runners.  But our favorite deli on the outside of Hamburg approaches and we must placate our road raged souls with a freshly blended smoothie and a schnitzel before heading to Hiedleberg.

  1. SNOB says:

    Gernmans aren’t alone – if I saw that beautiful car of yours driving in front of me, I’d want a closer look too.

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