Oh to live in an industrial space

Posted: October 31, 2010 in don't fight it
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As we thunder (it is a rear mounted engine – read roar) around Northern Germany in our little Ghia there is one thing that I will most certainly miss while trawling the roads off and around the E45 in Denmark.  Industrial buildings.

I know that sounds insane especially as they employ a huge amount of glass and I, like Gollum and Medusa, am not keen on my own reflection – it’s not what I see so much as what I don’t want to see… whatever.  The fact is the Danish have some of the best approaches to industrial park architecture.  I have a huge appreciation of sites like; weburbanist.com and thecoolhunter.com they have a multitude of cool stuff that just buzzes the brain and yet I can also see it in a lot of Danish industrial parks.

Denmark is fortunate in that it has not suffered the devastating bombings and thrashings of many European countries nor the natural disasters that have ripped through Mediterranean and Asian countries.  The other affliction it has by and large avoided is the ‘blanding’ disintegration of modernism.  The main shopping streets of Danish cities are alive with personality and architectural pride.  Intense brickwork and playful colors, cobbling and facades, all obscure the necessities of consumer branding, allowing it to harmonize with age.  (unlike my reflection!)

To contrast that respect for having been able to maintain the period European feel with the ‘uber chic’ industrial complexes on the outskirts is admirable.  I have spent years in the numbing wastelands of urban cookie-cut North American suburbs where the developers have bowed to the lowest common denominator – PROFIT – and constructed communities of propagated similarities and I for one will not miss that mainstream banality.  Is it possible that all creative construction directions in North America were spawned in the parking lot of a Home Depot, Rona or some other purveyor of city oblivion?

Oh to be a salmon swimming upstream backwards checking-out all the other ‘fishies’.  No garden. No lawn or unused backwoods.  Give me CONCRETE, STEEL, ROCKS AND SHARP EDGES.

As this rant is short I must admit my thatched period home with a glass and monochrome interior would be quickly forsaken for the linear, glass or rusted steel designs of the Danish industrial parks.  There are few countries where heritage buildings are stylishly integrated with minimalism and where hideous banal modernism has been squeezed to the sideline.  Denmark is one of those.

But another German town with bakery  approaches and the chance to fill up the old girl with gasoline at a sensible price and avoided the Danish 25% sales tax looms enticingly ahead.

((25%!!! Yes that’s right even on books and children’s goods.  Socialism huh? Go figure. More on that rant after another red bull.  Could you put red Bull with coffee and whipped cream make it like a floater?  Worth a try.  I know champagne and red bull are fantastic – I call it red pain.  Boy what a buzz but don’t drive just kind of sit and giggle, be stupid, whatever.))

A German fuel stop – this little fishy is going to market.



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