DIY and Ikea cartoons

Posted: November 1, 2010 in don't fight it
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Just read that last posting and should probably apologize to my brother after all he is a real estate agent in Canada and I feel as if I have just slagged-off the entire building community.  Which is not really fair as I have participated and profited in that community.

One thing that is worth considering is why do the DIY centers of Home Depot in North America, B&Q in the UK and Bauhaus in mainland Europe all use the same hue of orange in their corporate branding – at least to my aging eyes.

Is this the birth of ‘consumer corporate conspiracy theory-ism’?  I apologize for that absurd phrase but maybe there is something there.  Like the psycho analytical decision making involved in color choices of hospitals and mental institutions perhaps big brother has been away since 1984 studying marketing at Copenhagen Business School or Harvard and is now herding our decision and rationalizing processes to his own ends.  Is orange the new color of individual home expression?  Is the DIY world being manipulated in such a way that we move from Do It Yourself to a newer generation of Do It The Same As Everyone Else or DITSAEE!!!  (Manchester accent required here… “Oi Love you ain’t arf distsaeey”)?

Hmm worked that a bit, especially the freehand grammar, but you can see the point.

(Some of the grammar in this posting is like a Jackson Pollock painting – toss a squiggle here, toss a squiggle there, here a squiggle, there a squiggle, everywhere a squiggle squiggle – you get the idea.)

So next time you pull into one of the nondescript big box stores, remember to give thanks to the Swedes for sticking boldly with colors no one else wanted – yellow and blue!  You gotta love IKEA and the middle-aged men with pointy noses and bald heads who never speak in their instruction guides.  It makes you wonder if those instructional cartoon characters have children or if they are asexual.  IKEA is a family store, maybe little Johnny Big Nose should be helping daddy Big Nose put the back of the cupboard on inside out while Mrs. Big Nose flips out and with a bag of Daim chocolates in one hand, she holds up the instructions and points for him to check again.

Go on admit it. You have also put the damn thing together wrong – regardless of Mr. Big Nose’s smiling eyes and scratching head!!


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