Love on a park bench 2

Posted: November 3, 2010 in poetry

The breeze whispers on the lake tops, the mist shrouds call your name.

The trees answer in dark rustlings, all nature yearns the same.

Every being stands in awe and reverence, blinded by your sight.

The sun pales, the moon wanes, at your beauty’s light.

I wish I were cast a constellation, a heavenly tear drop sent.

So I may gaze upon you, with unabashed lover’s intent.

I am but a poor man, whose heart is happily captured.

I am but a fleeting heartbeat, by you devoutly enraptured.

If I were to grace your lips, so tender and so sweet

My heart would fall to silence – happy, love sworn and complete.

** from the poetic novel: The Bench by Kevin Farran**


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