50 today Waheeeyyy

Posted: November 9, 2010 in don't fight it
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Early in the morning, I was creeping  ’round downstairs

Making shit loads of noise – giving the others nightmares.

But the cause was noble, certainly worth the clatter,

I had to get the birthday cards, that was all that did matter.

In the darkness  I crept and stubbed my toe on a chair.

Holy %&&” curses and rants ripped the air!

I grabbed a pen and a scrap of paper then sat down to write,

But it was hopeless, the place was utter darkness as black as night.

I ventured up quietly  and slowly flicked on the light.

Oh MY GOD!  Shit did I get a fright!

The guys were there and eagerly writing away,

With night goggles on and pencils scratching – they’d come to play.

But that’s not true, it was a hoped for illusion.

They were fast asleep, twas my merry delusion.

So I sat down to write and cast my love in verse

Don’t worry words are better than a Louis Vuitton purse.

(not sure about the truth of that line)

So here it is below, an unabashed birthday greeting.

To Yoshiko, she’s fifty today and still sends my heart a fleeting….



Are you the mist whose laughter ripples ‘cross the lake?

Are you the night’s stillness that shudders the stars to wake?

Are you the lapping that softly kisses upon the shore?

Tis You, you must be the knocking that urges my heart to soar.

Are you the frosted crystal that dances on the limb?

Are you the wafting snowflake that flutters on a whim?

Are you the shivering heartbeat that shelters in the pine?

Tis You, you must be the sun that in my heart does shine.

But for this long breath I have known you, the joys have drifted past.

I’ve but one simple wish – that our love should forever last.

For the girl in the middle


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