Barcelona Barking

Posted: November 18, 2010 in don't fight it
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This is not about dogs as was the las t blog. though there seems to be a link. Thankfully there is very little in the way of dog droppings on the streeet here in Barcelona.  I admire the Spanish and Catalans for that BUT there is more CRAp in them thar hills.

The crap to which I refer is not of the canine kind in fact we have only been confronted by it in the last four days.

The first appearance was at 6:20 in the morning.  I was already up as I am a stupidly early riser, but that does not mean I want to be thrust full on into the face of it.  It is deep, it hangs aruond for more than an hour.  (The 7:30 church bells have just rung).  It is uniquely un-Spanish, in fact at 6:20 and approximately 140+ decibels it is inhuman.

One has to appreciate the building structure in the gothic quarter of central Barcelona to understand why this is truly unfathomable.  Buildings are arranged in square blocks usually six floors high and as the streets are only 2.5 meters wide, (often less so forget the rental car) light is an issue.  It is wonderfully sunny in Barca and in order to get light down to the inner areas of the buildings there are small open courtyards that filter the light down to the center of the buildings.  More windows more natural light it is a win-win situation … almost.

What comes down must go up.

On the ground floor a retro deaf hedgehog seems to have taken up dormancy.

I love Chuck Berry… but first thing in the morning I don’t need to practice telling time – I’ll rock when I bloody well want to!  Then it is Elvis… what is Elvis doing screaming up to me before the morning church bells – what happened to quaint Europe?  This is followed by The Twist by… I don’t know Chubby Checker… in truth I couldn’t give a rat’s ass!  Then we move into some sort of viva la Mexico number.  I still can’t hear the church bells and they are 50 yards away.

The sound is echoing around in my head God knows what it is doing to him – something painful I hope.  In Jakarta the call to morning prayers was a subtle lift from the dregs of sleep but the radio downstairs in this building needs to be put to sleep WITH its owner.

Worst of all I don’t have any form of retribution.  What should I do – crank up my laptop, hold it out the window and let the headpins on my itunes compete with the hedgehog’s blaster… pretty limp.

Oh my God a flush!  Yes! (The sewer pipes also run internally to these courtyards).  He’s gone.  His morning ablutions have past.  After the barrage of tunes my mind is toast, in fact I need some now.  I hope he takes a Ryanair flight home to his hedge soon!



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