the twelve pounds of Christmas

Posted: November 26, 2010 in twelve days of Xmas
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So here‘s the scam.
Everyone wants to lose weight in the New Year as guilt will role across our midsections with the vengeance of the phantom Pilsbury Dough boy. So what is a guilt laden soul to do….
Evasive action.
“Suffering beached catfish Batman! You wanna lose it and the plot?”
“That’s right Boy wonder. If you’re casting too much shade on the beach then flounder in the water.”
“Geez Batman that sounds like a load of guano.”

So there it is rewrite the The Twelve Days of Christmas and lose half a pound for each day.
Make your own ditty while you jog for half an hour our whatever you need to do to lose it. (The weight – not the plot!) This is not a diet regimen this is about the poetry of the human form. (ha -right).
So I’ve posted my weight and will struggle to get down by twelve pounds by Christmas… 30 days …. Half pound a day Hmmm…
So stay tuned couch fans and see if you want to follow the bouncing ball.
Take your own photo and write your own ditty. Submit the ditty and we’ll see who pays the best homage to the human form.


On the first day of Christmas my true love took from me
every thing that was Hershey


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