Serious -n-dom

Posted: December 1, 2010 in don't fight it
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Frightening isn’t it!  I have heard the rumor too.  It’s everywhere, seething, lurching into your face like an oil spill or gas leak providing the sour egg smell of your brothers sports kit.  What affliction could be worse?

Surely no physical suffering could compare.  Our medical institutions can more than resolve any of those issues and any issues beyond them we could get Gil Grisham, retired from CSI, to figure it out.   NO.  Methinks ‘tis worse matey!

What if it were mental suffering. Yet we have an array analysts, therapists and other-ists at our beck and call for outrageous sums per hour including telephone time, paper usage, pencil lead replacement and boredom allowance.  NO ‘tis beyond Ram Daas, Sigmund F. and a Rorschach inkblot test.  (Jackson Pollock was the greatest splatter painter of our time – maybe the canvas was colored – he painted the white?)

Could it be spiritual suffering?  We have a plethora of isms out there. Every dog and his hat wants to start their own ‘ism’ and get a following.  Do we need to be shaven headed, robed, robbed or bearded? Do we need to drive our own Pope mobile or employ an assassination squad for every injustice to our ‘ism’.  NO ‘tis beyond the realm of all that we don’t know and cannot prove

There is only one thing for it!  Only one savior to alleviate the pain… NO not Buzz Lightyear… No not Spock, nor Betty Crocker, or Scooby Doo.

It’s bald-faced humor.  The only way too eradicate and purge our souls of serious-n-dom is a bloody good laugh and a smile.  Let the tears role as if you were envious of Marmadukes’s dance moves.

So next time some one gets on the train looking like; their dog died or the cat committed hara-kiri or the rip in their nylons could be the high score in snakes and ladders – smile.  If you reach for your pencil on the floor and smash you head – laugh.  If the top ball on your ice cream crashes to the sidewalk – smile and sell tickets to an ant feast.  If you get a ticket for triple parking produce a many-flavored war dance to celebrate your donation to the coffers of the greater city council, after all you could have only got two!

Serious-n-dom I had the affliction and it definitely affected my last two posts but like a bad curry it moves on.  Laugh at something today!

(I’m choosing the scales –

December 1st is;  National Laugh at the Bathroom Weigh Scale Day!)





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