Confused as Confucius

Posted: December 3, 2010 in don't fight it
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So the great being said:

Our greatest glory is not in NEVER falling but in rising every time we fall.  Hmmm….

HOLD IT… I’m lost already.

So as I see it, if I fail at something when I bounce back I will be stronger.  Okay, Okay, work with me on this, so….

–  My failure to find a parking spot near the mall entrance resulting in my parking slightly (EVER SO DAMN SLIGHTLY) on the disabled zone resulting in a $250 fine allows me to quell and focus my inner ninja, pursue my greater focus of good and take out the next ticket slapper I see with a whizzing star shuriken and then evaporate faster than a passion fruit souffle in front of K.

–  My failure to stride forcefully past the pick’n mix will result in the increase of sugar level building up within my inner sporting stores (ie; fat) but this allows me to pedal faster than a speeding zimmer-framed granny or leap unsavory dog droppings in a single thrust.  My shoes even like this Chinese wisdom.

–  My failure to limit myself to a single glass of red wine will allow my over wrought red blood cells to chill and relaaax on the journey of life leaving me more centered and they will be more at one with themselves to carry out their inner duties to a new and greater level as soon as they can focus coherently.  My red blood cells adore Chinese wisdom.


I think this sage old age/new age spillage can flow right into my soul and make the confusion and illusion.

Where’s my pick’n mix I’m going for the Big Belly of the Buddha.Ohhm.




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