Knock knock…Who’s there?

Posted: December 17, 2010 in don't fight it
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Oh my one a.m. and we just finished watching ‘Meet The Fockers‘ and suddenly we are met with the knockers!  (Which excluding the male perspective relates to doors.)  So now it is ‘Meet The Knockers’.

Charming couple and so was Yusti their Ayrdale terrier, but we were poised with tooothbrush in hand thinking of curling up into bed  not rolling out of it.  The neighbors had the most humbling of requests at 1 a.m.  ‘Could they just crawl across the balcony?’

Sorry come again? My mouth is full of Crest and my thinking not the best.

They were going for a quick walk and as the door clicked behind them so too had the realization that they had no house key.  They had no phone. They had no way of getting back into the apartment should they venture into the snow outside the front door which Yusti was eager to sign with his yellow ‘pen’.  They had no car keys and apparently the car was on the fritz anyway.  It appeared the Knockers were joining the family of F****** in the movie!

Valiantly he scrambled across the balcony but to no avail – his balcony was locked.

A locksmith would cost a fortune in Denmark at least 2000 Kr. or $350! So what to do. Call the landlord I suggested.  We didn’t have the phone number but we did have the phone number of some other tenants.  Let’s wake them up, then wake up the Landlord and then wake up someone to borrow a car to drive to the Landlord to pick up the key .  Easy.  $350 – it is life or death!

Well an hour later all is well, as we had to have a glass of wine and wait just in case they couldn’t get in as things seemed to be on  a downward role.  It dawned on us, as the nectar slid down, that if we have passwords for our bank and personal details swimming on the web for all hackers and wikileak experts to expose, could we not simply have a password for our house?  Why do we have to futz with keys, which men lose anyway?  Can’t we just come up to the door and say… ‘Martha’s Vineyard‘ or ‘Air Force One‘ or even ‘Cell Block H‘ and be allowed in to our own domain?

I’m going to push for this. I think there is a real business opportunity here and my front door password will be … Dilly-



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