Obstacles in Life

Posted: February 3, 2011 in don't fight it
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The alarm! Ah, six a.m. barks a merry greeting!  Struggling from the stupor of my dreams I struggle to the kitchen intent on the one saving grace of this early hour apart from solitude… coffee.

But in the gloom there are always intrusions on the path we have chosen in life.  It is very dark and I am far from feeling in any way ethereal, devout, at peace, or even at ‘one’ with my inner being.  I just want coffee.  Is that too much to ask?

Yes.  Chairs and my toes have always had a strained relationship.

The thin chrome protrusion had already sighted us as its prey the moment we rounded the stairs.  Maliciously it leapt out (I’m sure,) into the gloom knowing full well my little piggy was dazed and still asleep at he market.  Cramming viciously between my fourth and fifth toes I was convinced I could hear the inanimate four-legged beast snigger at my pain.

My knee jerked up as the excruciating pain coursed through my little toe. The knee slammed into the back of the chair lifting it clear off the ground and allowing the chrome leg to slam down on top of the toes of the other foot!

‘&%$#“#&%$’$ and then some!!

A mumbled curse to ‘be quiet’ came from the bedroom.

What can you hit, throw or pulverize in the early morning silence?  Why do things like this happen, are they lying in wait around the house?  Are mornings somehow possessed by demons that guarantee the toast will land face down, there is only enough milk in the jug to soak one cornflake or that the new toilet roll is across the room.  Why?

Staring at my coffee and nursing both my injured feet, I find the answer in a little book of proverbs,

‘If you meet no obstacles on the path to your goals then you are not challenging yourself enough.’

Bullocks!  I just wanted some coffee.  That is a necessity – not a goal!  It shouldn’t be a challenge – it should be a right.  Someone should explain that to the fiendish chair leg which consistently takes out my toe.

At least now I know my house is possessed of naughty little demons out to obstruct the harmony of my day and in some way I should be thankful they are only doing so to challenge and raise me to a higher level… NOT.

I feel stumped again.


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