Hello.  This is my first stab at blogging and hopefully unlike Brutus and Julius Caesar it won’t be my last. I’m based in Europe, Japan and Canada (Is that a base?) and drift like pollen until I get sneezed by less adoring friends and family to another zone.  The blogs hopefully will be thought based humor. Observed – absurd – and as it is in good spirit –deburred.  Like many I have suffered with an intense aversion of the ‘-ility’ factor.  Predictability, reliability, sensibility and as I get older and crankier no doubt a lack of civility.

I’d like to say I’m an out of the box type thinker but that would assume they would ‘ve allowed me in the box in the first place and…me thinks that didn’t happen.  Content should defy gravity and swirl upward around:

  • books at the kit publishing website click here – some poetry, free samples, characters, reviews
  • design – bikes, bags, houses anything that is cool or that is trying to hard to be so
  • Football (soccer) two pro players in the house here, so I guess you could call it pitch-bitch
  • Great Danes and retro furniture, retro cars

Enjoy and fire back your thoughts with slingshot, arrow, caramilk(?) or metaphor.  I am new to blogging and my knees are shot from running mountains so swing at ankle height.

  1. Chris Gregg says:

    Love the site!! I am looking forward to an exhibition of all the talented contributors.

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