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The old saying that ‘success is a journey not a destination’ swirled toward me like the fragrance billowing from a fine Italian restaurant. I was at a Danish pro soccer game and had decided to hang around after the match to see the players and watch the inevitable fracas after the home team had lost. I kept my distance. I stood to one side of the police cordoned area and watched the passions seethe like a sea anemone. I glimpsed a circle of friends I vaguely knew. They were all younger, in their twenties and I decided to try and single out or distill some of the personalities that I knew.
For the sake of confidentiality the names are fictitious but success was there in a variety of aspects and it was that which intrigued me.
– Antonio was there and success sat well on his shoulders. He was one of the soccer players and had a remarkable silkiness in his play. He garnered respect just by his technical skill and commitment. He was a joy to watch and was always at one with the ball. Though occasionally troubled by his perfectionism and desire to remain in the flow, as he had known it well, he could still laugh and stand outside the expectations placed on him and just enjoy himself. Success felt polished and gleaming.
– Roberto was to his left and was howling with laughter at Antonio’s pranks. Roberto had not been released onto his chosen field yet. He was well spoken and carried a humble politeness that concealed his immense potential as a human. With each smile or chuckle his sincerity won you over and others were drawn to his humble unassuming character. Well educated and raised with a respect for others and himself, his charisma idled like a humming bird and yet he was unaware of his impact on others. Success was warm and honeyed but not yet spread.
– Luciano was there full of a boundless energy and verve for life. His talents were swirling around him. His potential in his chosen field was standing at a precipice not quite ready to launch. That launch would rely solely on him as his talent glared forth like a golden prairie sunrise. The most amazing aspect with Luciano was that success in an all-together different way, was infused in him. He was a leader and though he denied it, there was a sense that in a tight spot, a moment of desperation you would follow this young man. He had an inner strength all men could lean on and shelter behind. Success was a potential, like sleep, always there, always safe.
– Piedro was the pinball in the energy arcade. He bounced around and off the other personalities like a firefly. His spirits knew of no dampened moment. An irrepressible character set to suck and enjoy each morsel of life without contention – perhaps the most envied in many ways. His was success ephemeral, omni-directional; what ever fortune he was dealt it danced like mercury spilled from your hand.
– Anastasia stood just behind Luciano, sheltering from the quicksilver panic of Piedro. Her success would be quieter, more considered. As an artist her success was pursued within, an attempt to express a vision of perfection that only she cared to judge. For her introverted search, success brooded, a tortured spinning unpredictable miasma. Jubilation and devastation were the pendulum points of her success.
Dimitri was less fortunate. His bounty, once full, now slipped from his grasp. Success was fading through injuries, while luck had deserted him when he most needed to embrace it. Touching the others they imparted what they could to help him recover and make his luck turn so that the pulse of success would heat his spirits again. He soon left the group, though they implored him to stay. He cut a solitary figure and success watched his back as he limped away. His own thoughts were closing the door to success.

This six-pack of successes, all friends, jostled on the periphery of bellowing fans. Some of the crowd were irate, some full of adulation and joy, all of them unaware that the six friends watching them from a few yards away were on their own journey and that they would soon move further down the road leaving the crowd to chant caught up in the fleeting success of others. For the crowd, success was pinned as a tail on someone else’s donkey. With that choice would it ever go the direction they wanted?
We piled in our old car and tried to program success into the GPS. We came out a FORD dealership. We drive a VW. Did we miss something? Gotta reprogram that GPS.