Books by Me

Beyond Charitable Lines


Isolated on the edge of rebel territory, the gruff and abusive Londoner, Thomas Reynolds, has managed his independent aid station for over a decade.  With an impending outbreak of Noma, a gruesome childhood affliction, he ventures even further into rebel held lands to eradicate the disease. Shackled with an intrusive reporter and doo-gooder teacher, he must risk his camp and life to manipulate the volatile insurgents to reach and  treat the children who are the future of war torn Sudan.
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charity support to the Facing Africa Charity.

The Bench


What pulses surge through the heart that lays beneath the mundane frocks of the office mouse?
Jenny, whose literary aspirations suffocate in the corner cubicle of a large city publisher, is innocently deluded by a chance trail of love left by a phantom author.  The trail of delusion tears at her cloistered life, extracting her dreams and when she emerges from her musty chrysalis to confront the author, it costs her, her job and sanity, but releases a far greater power.
A novel of romance, poetry and delusion.
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charity support  to:  great dane rescue inc.

Bathe Me


Orphaned and destitute on the streets of Idi Amin’s Kampala, a National Geographic dream is born.  Joseph and Maya forge a new family to escape the horrors of bloody dictatorial rule and enslavement in Uganda only to replace it with a more insidious oppression in Boulder Colorado.  Their dreams shattered, Joseph must save his sister, his love, from their family.
A journey of love, pride and childhood resourcefulness, as the power of two children’s dream deflects the grotesque abuses from those who would protect them.
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chairty support directed to the NSPCC

The Chocolate Fix


An Eminent Domain land grab development in New York throws four women into conflict when they struggle to renew themselves after personal disappointments. The women collide at the Renyou retreat where they explore themselves past, present and future resulting in the formation of an unlikely cabal.  They waft through the four days of mudpacks and mayhem wanting to save and slaughter each other.  A humorous and candid exploration/exfoliation of the vanities and luxuries all women should afford themselves – sisterhood both gracious and gory against the backdrop of the inevitable struggle to defy Eminent Domain.
Available from Amazon at:
In support of FINCA international

Burn My Bonsai


War Villain or classic hero?  The coveted and controversial diaries of Emperor Hirohito surface into the innocent and unsuspecting hands of a Danish student.
Pursued by ultra nationalists and the police the diary makes a desperate journey through the backwaters and sumo stables of Tokyo.
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Kiss of the Kris


Imprisoned in a cement pit below her father’s garage for four years, sixteen year old Celeste must control her love and her rage to overcome the religious suppression that enslaves her people. Awaiting final proofs available December 2010 

charity support to the NSPCC



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